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                                     Welcome to Kokanee Creek Tackle Company, LLC 

Kokanee Creek Tackle products are handmade in the USA using ultra violet coating and extreme glow material; the most innovative technology in recent years.  

Our tackle is highly effective due to increased visability in murkey to clear water, whether fishing Flaming Gorge, Lake Berryessa, or Lake Wallowa.  Kokanee Creek Tackle is designed to target kokanee, trout and salmon in a variety of depths and conditions. Our original spinners have been so popular with walleye fishermen that we are introducing the Western Walleye Series worm harness.

We invite you to visit our photo gallery where our products are proven Just Deadly.

Kokanee Creek Tackle's full line of spinners, squids, spoons and dodgers are available at our online store and retail outlets.

Art and Karen Pearce, owners of Kokanee Creek Tackle have been fishing in the Rocky Mountains for salmon, trout and other species since childhood.  Growing up in Montana allowed them the opportunity to fish Idaho, Washington, Oregon  and California. After moving to Utah, their fishing has expanded to include Wyoming and Colorado. Other fishing destinations included trips to the Great Lakes, Mexico, Hawaii and Florida.  Art has taken his experience and expertise in fishing tactics to a new level to provide you with the highest quality fishing lures available on today's market.

Art and Karen Pearce at the International Sportsman Expo

Kokanee Creek Tackle Fishing Tournament Results 
    2014  Lucerne Marina Fishing Derby - Flaming Gorge, Utah  1st Place - Kokanee Salmon
    2013  Buckboard Classic Fishing Derby - Flaming Gorge, Wyoming  1st Place - Kokanee Salmon
    2012  Lucerne Marina Fishing Derby - Flaming Gorge, Utah  1st Place - Kokanee Salmon
    2010  Buckboard Classic Fishing Derby - Flaming Gorge, Wyoming  2nd Place - Kokanee Salmon

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